App Development: What is Poised to Boom?


We’ve got to say it: no one is waiting excitedly for the launch of the iPhone 7. Not like we used to waiting for previous versions anyway. Smartphone hardware and OS software seems to be in a bit of a rut. A mild improvement here, a tweak there, but certainly nothing mind blowing.

But while the phones themselves are feeling a little stale, the same can’t really be said for apps. It seems like the next few years could be the start of something really big for the way that we use apps.

So where do we think the hotspots are going to be?

Augmented reality apps

This one should come as no surprise thanks to the overwhelming popularity of Pokémon Go. Although augmented reality apps and their engines have been around for more than 5 years, there’s been a slow uptake from users – until now.

We predict that off the back of Pokémon Go we’ll see a huge surge in the number of augmented apps becoming popular on the app stores. The more interesting part of this particular puzzle is that Pokémon Go is still fairly rudimentary. Can you imagine walking past shop fronts and getting layovers of their daily specials on your phone? We can.

Virtual reality apps

Strap on your Samsung Galaxy VR headset, it’s time to get immersed. The future of VR looks bright with these VR headsets for smartphones. Although the headsets have been released for over a year now, there aren’t a huge number of apps taking advantage of the technology – yet.

With smartphone gyroscopes and GPS, VR enabled apps allow the user to fully immerse themselves in the app. Imagine taking a trip on a boat down the French Rivera, turned your head left and right to see the sights – all without leaving the comfort of your couch?

3D printing apps

3D printers have also been around for some time. However, until now, applications for printing were clunky, difficult, and desktop computer based. Designs that are easy to knock up in the app and then sent straight to your 3D printer may well become the norm.

What’s needed here is some clever app developer working with a simple to use 3D printer with excellent interfaces. It’s not hard to imagine whipping up some cool new jewellery on an app and having it printed up and ready to wear out that night.


Perhaps the biggest application of the new wave of apps is in healthcare settings. M-Health, which stands for mobile health, is already a booming industry. App developers now have the chance to work alongside hospitals and healthcare professionals to develop either tailored solutions, or ones that can have worldwide application.

There is a considerable amount of money to be made, especially with an aging population. How about an app, in combination with a discrete blood pressure monitor, that can let the wearer know if they need to visit hospital? One that can dispatch an ambulance to the user if things are going badly?

The future of apps is bright! If you are an app developer, or looking for new developers to add to your innovation team, then call us at Genesis IT to discuss your options.


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