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How to work from home effectively

The spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) means that many of us are opting to work from home. But while social distancing is a good way to reduce the spread of the virus, it will bring challenges to people who aren’t well set up to work outside of the office. Here are our...

A big working from home myth has finally busted

Working from home is one of the cornerstones of any flexible working policy. It’s been shown to be good for both productivity and employee wellbeing.   But despite all the benefits to working from home, some workers have been reluctant to do it because of one...

How to negotiate a pay rise

You’ve been working really hard, kicking goals and making a really solid contribution. Isn’t it time that your boss noticed and rewarded you with a pay rise? But how do you approach this awkward conversation? Here are our top five tips. Do your research When you ask...

How to Reject a Counter Offer

You’ve been offered a new and exciting job with a different organisation. It’s a big step up the career ladder, which means more responsibility, more money and more opportunities. Go you. Then comes the counter offer. Your current organisation doesn’t want to lose...

Mentoring is so last decade – in 2020 you need a sponsor

A lot of people think that ‘a career sponsor’ is just a fancy new name for good old fashioned mentoring, but in reality the two things are totally different. Mentors and sponsors can both help you advance your career, but it’s important to work out which one you need....

Diversity, Unconscious Bias and a Unicorn

Diversity this year has been a hotter topic than ever and whilst most major organisations have defined their diversity policies/targets in relation to hiring there are still a large number of companies both big or small who understand the concept, openly acknowledge...

How to get the most out your Recruiter

We get it. Giving feedback is hard. But taking the time to de-brief an interview with us gives us vital information about you, your organisation and the ideal candidate for the role. In other words, giving us good quality feedback means we can send you better...

Ghosting and Candidate Experience

Ghosting and Candidate experience…. Are you impacting your overall cost of hire by the way you treat potential employees? By Jon Hampson   How did you feel when a company you really wanted to work for didn’t get back to you after you interviewed with them?...

How to give meaningful feedback

The word ‘feedback’ can strike fear into the heart of any professional, but there’s no need to fret. With the right tools in place giving feedback can be constructive and motivational. In fact, good feedback can be the difference between a team thriving or flailing....


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