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New year. New job?

Traditionally January has been seen as a quiet time for recruitment, but at Genesis we think there’s no time like the present to start preparing for your job hunt.   It’s summertime and although many of us are back to work this week, there are still a lot of people...

What’s Hot in 2017? Predicted Tech Booms

Tech is one industry that never remains stagnant. What was new, exciting, and on the bleeding edge of technology can become the new standard in five years, or can easily fall by the wayside. As technology marches on and AI becomes more intelligent it will be...

IT contractors: negotiating a higher rate

IT contract work provides the opportunity to flex your specific skillset, and employers will often pursue contractors who can fill specific roles within a project or organisation. This provides excellent opportunity for contractors to seek higher rates. However, there...

The Changing IT Landscape

IT is one of the fastest moving professional fields on the planet. What was state of the art technology and solutions 5 years ago may now be old news today. What this means for IT professionals is the need to keep moving with the times and not stagnate; not get caught...


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