The Changing IT Landscape

The Changing IT Landscape

IT is one of the fastest moving professional fields on the planet. What was state of the art technology and solutions 5 years ago may now be old news today. What this means for IT professionals is the need to keep moving with the times and not stagnate; not get caught in a role [...]Read more
Office synergy

The Benefits of Leveraging Talent Communities

The standard approach to finding qualified applicants for most businesses is to use direct advertising methods such as job boards, referrals from current employees and social media platforms like LinkedIn. The amount of jobs and résumés being uploaded on the Internet is [...]Read more
Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology, Cloud Jobs and the Cloud Office

Cloud technology – the name’s been around for a while now, but what does it mean? “Cloud” technology itself means products or services based and run offsite. That means running a program, not by downloading itself on your own computer, but run from somewhere else. It means not [...]Read more
Business group brainstorming

Sydney’s Startup Scene: Business by the Beach

The startup scene in Australia is growing. Just a few short years ago you would’ve had to have been mad to launch a startup in Australia. Support was extremely limited, and with a high cost of living, the potential to succeed came with significant roadblocks along the journey. Up [...]Read more

Why Mobile App Developers Are A Hot Commodity

With more than a thousand mobile apps being submitted to online stores each day, the business world has officially gone digital. Companies are shying away from flyers and printed marketing materials, and replacing them with social media and mobile applications to better connect [...]Read more
The girl is stressing on interview

How To Spring Back After A Bad Interview

During your job search, there won’t be a greater feeling than coming out of an interview knowing that you performed well. While this may be your desired result, things won’t always go your way. Sometimes an interview can leave you deflated and knock your confidence. [...]Read more
Hand pushing a cloud icon

A Career in Cloud Computing

How To Get Started With A Career In Cloud Computing Most don’t realise that cloud computing has been around for decades. However, back then it was cumbersome to implement and very expensive to use. Fast-forward to today, and everyone is using the cloud to backup their [...]Read more

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