Choosing Candidates with Ethical Hacker Certification


Hacking is a lucrative business. Stealing company proprietary data, information to identify weak spots in on site personnel, and shut down key systems on site – it’s enough to make a company go bankrupt, lose all its customers or even be involved in multiple lawsuits. And it happens. Just this week it was revealed that several government networks have been breached by hackers, with the information gleaned from our systems unknown.

Positioning your company to be better informed of the risks to your systems can help to protect your company, personnel, and data from malicious outsider attacks. But just how exactly do you do that? Well, to do that you need to think like a hacker, too – or bring in someone who does.

Hiring a hacker

But hiring a hacker is fraught with its own dangers. That they’re going to flip the script on you and run off with your data. That they’ll see vulnerabilities that they’ll encourage others to take advantage of, or sell it for the right price. Finding someone who hacks for the better of their employer seems a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack, doesn’t it? Aren’t hackers traditionally against corporations, company secrets, “the system”?

Traditionally, perhaps, but these days, security experts abound. “White hat” hackers or “ethical hackers” abound. People that have realized that their skills are far more useful, and far more lucrative if they are working for one of these companies. Not everyone is waging a “moral war”, despite what you’ve seen in Mr Robot.

Ethical Hacker Certification

A Certified Ethical Hacker has completed a course surrounding ethical hacking and hacking within the confines of the law. They are someone who has decided that information and network security is something that companies need to take seriously and is prepared to work to reveal the vulnerabilities in companies’ systems.

A Certified Ethical Hacker will conduct penetration testing, scanning ports, viewing patches, trying to get around firewalls and evade detection, as well as use social engineering techniques to try and get into your systems through personnel security lapses, too.

They attempt to navigate your systems and find flaws before the black hat hackers are able to get in. By testing your systems and finding the vulnerabilities, you are able to correct security flaws before others can get in. You can think of them as a network security consultant, whether they are actually consulting or a permanent member of your team.

Choosing to hire a Certified Ethical Hacker can help to keep your company network security tight, without worrying that you have hired someone that will be circumnavigating laws. You have more of a guarantee that the person you are hiring is not going to pry your company wide open and sell secrets to competitors or those looking to harm your business.

If you would like to find a Certified Ethical Hacker to join your team, then look no further than Genesis IT. We will locate the best candidates that have obtained this highly sought after certification, ready to start work assessing your system. Call us on 02 9236 4500 or email for more info.


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