Cloud Technology, Cloud Jobs and the Cloud Office

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology – the name’s been around for a while now, but what does it mean? “Cloud” technology itself means products or services based and run offsite. That means running a program, not by downloading itself on your own computer, but run from somewhere else. It means not storing your photos on your smartphone, but in a database, in a data centre, somewhere halfway around the world.

Distributed products and services are making it very easy to do business and run your day to day life from anywhere, at any time – so long as you have a stable internet connection.

The cloud office

The cloud office is also hosted offsite. This means your email, your communication tools, your company files, programs, and all your processes are also removed from a physical office. If your tools and your files aren’t hosted in house, then you’ve got a cloud office. There are huge benefits to having a cloud office. This means that employees can log in any time, from any device and start doing work “in the office” without having to actually be physically present. How great is that?!

While it can be difficult to move away from the traditional working model, where employees all clock into the office at 9am and stay onsite the whole time, interacting and having meetings in person throughout the day, it does make sense to have a cloud office.

The benefits of a clouded office

Why is having a cloud office better than the traditional model? Here’s why:

  • You can offer your employees flexibility to set their own on site hours

This means if they’ve got kids they can work from home if they’ve got duties to attend to, people can potentially set their own hours (perhaps they’re a productive night owl?), and if things crop up, they can simply get online anywhere and complete their work.

  • Open yourself up to a huge range of candidates

If you have a cloud office it means that you can potentially hire from anywhere in the world! This means that if the best candidate is in San Diego, you can still hire and have them work for you, without total disruption of their life. Think about it, instead of a small pool of candidates, you’re opening yourself up to so much more.

  • Save resources

Less desks in the office, less car parks, less paper trail? The cloud office saves resources that are often used all too much in the office.

  • A happier workplace

One of the most important aspects of work life to many people is flexibly. The cloud office allows you to offer just that. Happier employees work more productively and stay longer at your company – so it’s win win for everyone.

Get your workplace up to speed

Are you ready to turn your office into a cloud office and take advantage of the brilliant advances in technology that allow people to work from anywhere, at any time? Ask us about how to convert your business into a cloud office and how to start hiring brilliant employees from all over the globe. We’re here to help! Simply send us through an email at for more info.


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