As we forge our way forward towards a digitally interconnected future we have to pause and think – what’s next for the Internet of Things (IoT)? IoT is gaining traction, and rapidly. Whereas previously we’ve been getting used to IoT devices, such as fitness trackers, which we manage with an app, we’re now getting into devices that connect with each other, don’t need apps, and are controlled with a singular hub, such as Amazon Echo – the device in our homes which we can use to control all our IoT devices and can even manage things by itself, without our interaction.

So, where to from here?

Well, for a start, IoT devices are getting smarter. They’re able to monitor, collect data, and change things themselves, all without us having to lift a finger. The next evolution is IoT devices we just set to run and they do their own thing, making life a whole lot easier for us.

Not only are they getting smarter for us personally, by gathering data from a huge range of other consumers, they’re going to be able to make adjustments and predict things by combining our personal data with other users just like us. They’ll be able to make predictions based on the habits of other people with a similar demographic – they’ll be able to get us to explore options that we’ve never thought of ourselves, but will probably enjoy.

Security of IoT devices is becoming extremely important. While in the past, this wasn’t deemed to be a big thing, can you imagine if your hacked stove went haywire and ended up burning down the house? No thanks. IoT devices must boost up their on device security measures as well as seriously think about network security issues, seeing as they are most definitely network based devices. This is no small task. Systems around the world, IoT or not, need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to security.

How many IoT devices do you currently have in your home? Maybe 3 or 4? In the future, we’re looking at having almost all our electronics and monitoring equipment being IoT devices. This is not a scary thing, it is to make all our lives easier. Just as when mobile phones started being internet enabled and it blew all our minds, but now we can’t imagine living without them, the same will be able to be said for IoT devices in the home, and especially in the office.

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