Job Motivators – What You Need to Consider When Building Your Career

Job Motivators

There are so many different factors to take into consideration when it comes to job hunting, or deciding when is the right time to leave a company. The right balance of your key job motivators will help to ensure that you remain happy in a role and company for a few months to a few decades!

Have a browse through these motivators if you’re thinking about whether to apply for that role, or start thinking about whether to jump ship from your current situation.


If you really enjoy coordinating and organizing staff and resources, then you should determine whether a role will allow you to do this, or whether you’ll just be one of the cogs in an organization. People generally either like to take on management duties or prefer to be assigned tasks – which one are you?


Of course, one of many people’s motivating factors in a job is how much financial compensation you get for what you are doing. If you have strict financial requirements this may restrict what industries, roles, or locations you can work within.


Some roles are more autonomous than others. Being able to make decisions without always needing someone else to check on what you are doing may be high up on your list of motivating factors.

Work/life balance

How much do you value your free time? If you are working on side projects, want to spend more time with your family, or need lots of vacations a year to unwind, then your work/life balance will be very important. Factors like the ability to work from home, commute times to your job, leave allowances, or other perks of certain jobs should be assessed for how well they fit your needs.

Climbing the ladder

Some companies have a fairly rigid corporate ladder, where you may spend a few years in your role before moving up a level, whereas in others you can experience rapid growth. Still others, such as startups, have a more horizontal structure, where there are no real rungs to climbs. Want to be COO one day? How are you going to achieve that?

Sideways movement

Another “job movement” factor is the ability to change roles in a horizontal movement. Perhaps you’re a programmer who has always had an interest in network monitoring. Will your job allow for sideways movement into new and different roles to keep your need for variety satisfied?

Company fit

Where does the particular company you are working for or looking at sit, in terms of your interest in the field and moral values? For instance, are you really interested in gaming, if you are considering a gaming company? If you are looking at a betting company, will this be okay in terms of your moral compass?

Let us help you to determine your key job motivators and how they fit with your current or future working situation. Contact us at Genesis IT to discover more about yourself and where your career will take you with the right company.


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