If you’ve ever considered taking a contract role rather than a permanent one then you are probably aware that there is a pretty significant difference when it comes to pay.

It’s no secret that contractors get paid more than company employees. While it’s not always clear cut (for example, there are benefits to being an employee such as holiday and sick pay), contractors have the potential to make 20 to 40 per cent more than regular staff.

But money isn’t the only advantage of contracting – here are five other reasons to give it a go….


  1. You are exposed to new experiences

One of the best things about contracting is the variety of new experiences that you are exposed to.

Being a contractor means that within your field of expertise, you can easily move from one industry to another. This will prevent you from being pigeon holed in an area that you’ve simply fallen into. It makes life more interesting for you and will ensure that more great experiences come your way.


  1. Skill development

Contracting and moving from one project to another allows you to constantly improve your skill set and add new skills to your toolbox. This is really important because contractors get hired for their skills.


  1. Accelerated career progression

 The great thing about having a variety of industry experience is that it will accelerate your career progression. If you do become a company employee again after a period of contracting you are likely to be employed at a much higher level.


  1. You have more flexibility

Being a contractor gives you more flexibility. When negotiating a contract you have much more say in working arrangements (such as working remotely) and work hours. When companies hire contractors, they want to know that the work is going to get done (to a high standard!) but they are less prescriptive about the way you work.


  1. You have more autonomy

One of the best things about contracting, particularly when you have built a good reputation, is that you can cherry-pick the contracts that you accept. This gives you more choice over the type of work you are doing and the people that you are working with.


  1. You can avoid office politics

As we’ve said, companies hire contractors because they want to get the job done. This means that contractors can come into projects and focus on getting the job done without becoming embroiled in office politics.

One of the big benefits of this is that you won’t feel pressured into working longer hours than you need to or have to negotiate with a line manager for a promotion or training that you want to do.


Essentially, you’re your own boss. In fact, that might be the best reason of all to give contracting a go.