Workplace Health & Safety

Genesis IT&T is committed to Workplace Health and Safety and to the provision of a working environment that is safe and healthy for all who work in it.

The Workplace Health and Safety Policy applies to all people at all worksites.

This statement has been developed by the management of Genesis Recruitment Solutions, in consultation with the WHS Committee, as a summary of our current policy and is in the best interest of the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors.

It is OUR POLICY to:

  • Establish a healthy and safe working environment for all employees;
  • Maintain an effective WHS program aimed at the prevention of injury and illness;
  • Provide resources to support the WHS Program and ensure Genesis IT&T’s commitment to Workplace Health and Safety;
  • Comply with statutory health and safety requirements.

POLICY SUCCESS depends upon:

  • Effective management through consultation and communication with employees and contractors;
  • Provision and maintenance of safe equipment and appropriate training.

Genesis Managers and Supervisors are responsible for:

  • MAINTAINING a safe workplace;
  • PROMOTING a safe & healthy workplace
  • ENSURING compliance with safe working procedures;
  • ASSESSING risks associated with new processes, equipment or premises;
  • RESPONDING to unsafe practices, environment and equipment;
  • CONSULTING staff with any decisions that affect their health, safety & welfare at work.

Contractors are required to:

  • ADOPT Genesis IT&T’s WHS principles in the work that they conduct for and on the behalf of Genesis IT&T;
  • ADHERE to the WHS requirements of the tender process;
  • WORK with Genesis IT&T’s management & staff to ensure the safety of all their employees.

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