At Genesis, LinkedIn has become an integral part of our overall candidate searching strategies. So we think it’s important for job hunters to have a presence on LinkedIn.

So what are we looking for when we view your profile?

No selfies please
They say a picture paints a thousand words and on LinkedIn that means having a professional looking headshot. This is your chance to make a first impression, and while we can’t tell much from your face, we can see whether you’ve made an effort to look the part.

You don’t need to hire a photographer to take your headshots, but do be mindful of what you’re wearing and where you are. We want to visualise you walking into an interview with our client – not sunning yourself on a tropical island. Leave the selfies and holiday snaps for Facebook.

Be thorough
Ensure that your entire profile is up to date and complete. Put in as much relevant information as possible and spend some time making sure that your dates are correct. When we see job histories that have numerous positions listed as ‘x date to present’ we know that you haven’t bothered to fully update your profile. We want to see candidates that care about making a good impression.

Attention to detail is a must
You could have an absolutely glowing career history, but misspelling the name of a high profile company isn’t going to go down well with recruiters. It’s not that we are meticulous about spelling, what we care about is attention to detail. Spend some time proof reading your profile to make sure there are no glaring errors.

Use keywords
As much as we would love to spend all day reading LinkedIn profiles, we just don’t have time to search for candidates the long way. If you want us to find you then make our job easier by including searchable key words about your experience and industry in your summary.

Avoid buzzwords
You might think that throwing some buzzwords into your profile will make you stand out, but when you’ve heard phrases such as “team player” and “ think outside the box” a thousand times they start to become a bit tedious. Stick to plain English; be clear and concise about who you are and what you do.

Show you are engaging and interesting
It might feel like a chore, but maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn can make your profile a bit more engaging. Post links to industry news that you find interesting, or share posts from industry leaders that inspire you. Comment on other people’s posts too, but make sure that you keep it 100 per cent professional at all times.

Recommendations matter – but make them good
Look, recommendations aren’t everything, but they don’t do you any harm either, especially if they are concise. If you don’t have any recommendations then consider asking a few ex colleagues to write one for you. Be really precise about the skills you want them to recommend you for – a long waffle filled recommendation is almost worse than no recommendations at all.

Let recruiters know that you are job hunting
LinkedIn has a function called Open Candidates – it lets recruiters know that you are actively job-hunting, but doesn’t show up on your profile for your current boss to see.

Don’t forget – potential employers might be checking out your LinkedIn profile right now – and what they see could make a difference to your next step.


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