We get it. Giving feedback is hard. But taking the time to de-brief an interview with us gives us vital information about you, your organisation and the ideal candidate for the role.

In other words, giving us good quality feedback means we can send you better candidates.


Be brutally honest

One of the perks of using a recruiting agency instead of hiring directly from the market is that we provide you with a middleman. This means that you can be brutally honest with us about why you decided not to take a candidate forward to the next round.

Don’t worry – you won’t be hurting anyone’s feelings – we can be tactful when passing your feedback on to the candidate. But giving us as much information as possible about why the candidate didn’t tick the boxes means that next time we’ll be able to send you one that does.


Give us examples

You could say that the candidate didn’t have the necessary experience. Or you could say that the candidate didn’t have experience in X, Y, Z. Providing us with an extra layer of detail means that we can screen for the specific experience that you want.


Take notes

We know you are probably already doing this, but it’s worth thinking about what things you are noting down. Are you making notes of awkward pauses, off kilter body language, times a candidate over uses the word ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ when giving examples about their experience? Or are you writing down the answers the candidate gives you?

When it comes to making a decision on whether or not to proceed with a candidate, you’ll be considering what the candidate has said and how they’ve presented themselves – so it is useful to take notes on both.


When it’s a gut feel…

Lots of recruiting managers tell us that their decision to proceed or not proceed is based on a gut feel or instinct. It’s a fair call, but there isn’t a lot that we can do with that information.

Providing us with good quality feedback allows us to give constructive feedback to the candidate, but perhaps more crucially for our relationship with our clients, it allows us to ensure that the next candidate we send you is a better fir for the role.

When you’re making a call based on gut feel it is worth reflecting on where the gut feel came from. Can you pin point any moments that gave you pause? Those moments will be a gold mine of information about why the candidate didn’t feel right.


Plans change – keep us in the loop

Sometimes the recruitment process can be a bit of a learning curve. You start out thinking that X is the most important skill your future employee needs, but after meeting three X experts you realise that, on reflection, it’s Y that you need.

If you change your mind about what you are looking for then we need to know about it. Giving us this sort of feedback means that we can send you candidates with the experience you are looking for.


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