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Strategic HR

How Strategic HR Contributes to Business Success

What is strategic HR? Isn’t that something that all HR should be doing? Well, the answer to that is an overwhelming yes. Strategic HR is the practice of human resource management not just for the current moment, but for the future, too. It involves setting a plan for the state of [...]Read more

CyberWar – The Constant Threat to Australians

In a country girt by sea and shored boarders, is the online world the war of the future we need to be worried about? There’s no doubt about it that we are a lucky country in many, many ways. Our golden beaches, high standard of living, boundless space, and remoteness make us an [...]Read more
Office synergy

The Benefits of Leveraging Talent Communities

The standard approach to finding qualified applicants for most businesses is to use direct advertising methods such as job boards, referrals from current employees and social media platforms like LinkedIn. The amount of jobs and résumés being uploaded on the Internet is [...]Read more
Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology, Cloud Jobs and the Cloud Office

Cloud technology – the name’s been around for a while now, but what does it mean? “Cloud” technology itself means products or services based and run offsite. That means running a program, not by downloading itself on your own computer, but run from somewhere else. It means not [...]Read more
Penetration Testing

Why Penetration Testing Is Important

Think for a minute what’s stored on your company systems. What data exists across all of the hundreds of millions or files, settings, and configurations within your network of machines? Data that your competitors could benefit from? Data that could be held at ransom? Data that [...]Read more

App Development: What is Poised to Boom?

We’ve got to say it: no one is waiting excitedly for the launch of the iPhone 7. Not like we used to waiting for previous versions anyway. Smartphone hardware and OS software seems to be in a bit of a rut. A mild improvement here, a tweak there, but certainly nothing mind [...]Read more
Driven Teams

Best Leaders Cultivate Driven Teams

Without a driven, effective team, the work that you get done will only ever be as good as the best person on the team. With the right team in place, as Aristotle put it “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. But great teams don’t just happen by accident. It’s quite the [...]Read more

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