Genesis has been an IT recruitment provider to Federal, State and Local Government agencies since 2002.

During this period, we’ve developed a deep understanding of public sector requirements – consistently delivering on the need for timely placement of dynamic, forward-thinking individuals with excellent technical capabilities. We work with multiple MSPs as a downstream supplier to Government and are approved Government scheme suppliers in NSW, ACT & QLD.

•   NSW – supplier under the Prequalification Scheme: Contingent Workforce – SCM0007/ Talent Acquisition Scheme – SCM0012 
•   ACT supplier under the Prequalification Scheme: Contingent Workforce – SCM0007
•   QLD – Preferred Supplier for Temporary and Contracted Workers (GGS0060) 

Our team structure enables us to source talent quickly and effectively. We have built a team of delivery consultants dedicated to supporting the higher volume of contract roles required for public sector accounts, while individual Genesis consultants work to create unique talent communities that are directly relevant to the technology sector that they work in. These talent communities represent a pre-qualified, high-calibre network of passive candidates inaccessible through other sourcing methods.

For more information, please feel free to contact Alec Wong on +61 2 9236 4555 or