CyberWar – The Constant Threat to Australians


In a country girt by sea and shored boarders, is the online world the war of the future we need to be worried about?

There’s no doubt about it that we are a lucky country in many, many ways. Our golden beaches, high standard of living, boundless space, and remoteness make us an enviable destination for other people around the world.

The fact that we are cut off by the rest of the world through no other means but distance alone also puts us in a brilliant position should war threaten. The sheer effort to get to our shores is enough to dissuade even the most determined of countries. Our neighbours, although some not best of friends, are friendly, and for the most part, dedicated to peace in the region, and appreciate our help in times of need.

However, it is important to remember that war is no longer fought simply soldier to solider on the battle ground. Those days are long gone. And while there is the chance for covert agents to come to our soil and create large effect, ala 9/11, or suicide bombings, our fierce border protection and, again, distance, play a huge role in dissuading these types of attacks.

What’s far more likely, in these hyper connected times, is that the war will be fought online. We already know that cyber attacks are happening, right here in our country, already today, and in the past, too. In the recently released 2016 Threat Report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre, we’ve seen detailed accounts of 2015’s discovery of malware, placed by foreign intelligence agents, on the systems of the Bureau of Meteorology. The malware was a software that helped these agents gain access to government systems by the use of a password dumping facility.

The report notes that the Australian Cyber Security Centre responded to 14,804 cyber security incidents from businesses between June of 2015 to June 2016, a figure that is growing larger, year by year. Where there are resources and knowledge to be gained from a business then there is a need to protect your assets, much like a country at war.

It is incredibly important to consider the threat of cyberwar, especially if you are a provider to any Australian government agencies. You are likely to find yourself at higher risk of being targeted if your company has systems that would be very valuable to an outsider. Remember that cyberwar deals in targeted attacks, that many times aim to be silent – slipping in and out of your systems without a trace.

Protect your workplace from cyber attack by ensuring you’re always up to date with the latest practices in cyber security. The best way to do this is by hiring a cyber security expert, either as part of your full time team, or on contract as needed. At Genesis IT we can help source the right person to get the job done for you. Don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9236 4500 or email through on to discuss your needs and concerns for protecting your invaluable data and systems.


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