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Our Promise
At Genesis we provide assistance to job seekers in their search for both Contract and Permanent Positions. Our Consultants have been trained in vertical markets, which means that they are familiar with your skill-set and are therefore much better qualified to deal with your specific requirements.

Whether it is Permanent or Contract vacancies that you are looking for, we will guarantee the following:

  • We will properly explain the procedures in submitting your resume to our Clients.
  • We will only release your identity or employment details with your prior approval.
  • We will respect your Privacy at all times.
  • We will ensure that all of our advertisements are accurate and that the information that they contain can be substantiated.
  • We will not misrepresent pay rates, contract terms, assignment duration or other information relevant to the position.
  • We will not unfairly prevent you from pursuing other opportunities.
  • We will not encourage you to breach or improperly interfere with an existing contractual relationship with a Client or competitor.
Resume Assistance
We will assist you in the preparation of your Resume.
  • We will professionally reformat your Résumé on submission to clients
  • We will provide advice on the content and layout of your Résumé.
  • We will provide advice on interview techniques. Refer to our interview techniques here.
Interview Tips
Before the Interview
  • Be aware of what the company does, its products or services and any current press coverage.
  • Look for information about your prospective employer on their website.
  • Ask the company for a brochure and/or their latest accounts.
  • Ask your Genesis Consultant for information on the company
  • Are there any technical tests?
  • What is the role?
  • Does your Genesis Consultant have a job specification? Ask for a copy.
  • Make sure you know what the job involves. That way you will know how to sell yourself for the role and avoid wasting your time due to misunderstanding.
Learn some background information about the company
  • Arrive on time, if not 5 -10 minutes early to compose yourself.
  • Make sure you have the correct address. If the company has more than one site check that you have been given the correct location. Check for correct street location.
  • Check transit times – If travelling by public transport, refer to or other web-based timetables.
Prepare your response to frequently asked questions
  • Prepare your response to frequently asked questions
  • What are your weakest skills?
  • How can you demonstrate your level of commitment in the capacity of a contract employee?
  • What did you achieve in your last or current contract?
  • Have you ever failed to complete a contract? If so, why?
  • Would you consider contract to permanent employment?
  • How do you interact with permanent staff?
Know your CV
  • Familiarise yourself with all supplied information
  • Can you supply references?
During the Interview
Starting the Interview CV
  • Dress Smartly
  • Listen to the interviewer.
  • Answer all questions asked succinctly
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions yourself
  • Make sure you call the interviewer(s) by the correct name. If you cannot be sure of the name do not use it.
  • Be enthusiastic and interested.
  • Concluding the Interview
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time
  • If you are interested in the job, say so!
  • Ask what happens next and within what time-frames
After the Interview
  • After the interview call your Genesis Consultant and give him/her any feedback.
  • Ask your Genesis Consultant if he/she has spoken to the interviewer and received any feedback.
  • If you feel that any part of the interview went badly advise your Genesis Consultant in order that it can be covered with the interviewers quickly and rectified if possible.
  • Think how the interview could have been handled better by yourself and learn from the experience

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