Why Penetration Testing Is Important

Penetration Testing

Think for a minute what’s stored on your company systems. What data exists across all of the hundreds of millions or files, settings, and configurations within your network of machines? Data that your competitors could benefit from? Data that could be held at ransom? Data that could incriminate staff in unacceptable workplace behavior?

These days, your data is your business. Whether it’s a fruit shop with data of all your suppliers, schedules, pricings, timesheets, takings, earnings and outgoings, or a proprietary custom software development house, with huge systems that you’re building for important clients.

System availability is your business too. Could your company continue running if your systems were down? The internet was blocked? Your swipe entries were all malfunctioning?

Protecting your systems and your data is very serious. And that’s where penetration testing steps in.

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, otherwise known as pentesting, is testing your systems to uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. It can target individual systems, have individual goals, or be more wide ranging. You may have particular areas that are more important than others. You may give the tester some access to your systems, or none at all other than your company’s name.

Why should my company do penetration testing?

If you’re not sure yet why penetration testing is so important yet, we’ll put it in clear terms for you: could you live without your digital systems and company data? If the answer is no, then you need to protect yourself from hackers by performing penetration testing.

This sort of testing may be either an ongoing task, bimonthly, yearly… It’s really up to you, how much your systems change across time, and whether everyone on staff does things regularly like patch updates and conform to at least basic computer and social security.

As systems get more complex, more complex security is required too. It’s often a hard task to ensure system security, and penetration testing can pick up issues that can be easily overlooked by the human eye – issues that have sprung up due to error, inferior knowledge, or simply lax security procedures. Finding these issues will inform you of how to proceed with current and future systems and practices.

Can I perform penetration testing myself?

There is software and tools available on the market that allow you to perform limited penetration testing yourself. If you have people on staff who are skilled at networks or security, you might like to approach them and consider using their knowledge in combination with some of the tools available. This ad hoc approach will likely not be as useful as hiring an experienced penetration tester.

How do I find someone to do penetration testing?

Penetration testing is generally performed by security and network testers and consultants, or certified ethical hackers. While you can find consultants for the job, many companies prefer to have a qualified security expert on site, for on demand testing and other services. If you’re thinking about hiring a contractor or on-staff penetration tester, get in contact with us now to find your ideal hire. Call (02) 9236 4500 or email us at info@genesisrecruit.com.au to find out more.


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