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IT contractors: negotiating a higher rate

IT contract work provides the opportunity to flex your specific skillset, and employers will often pursue contractors who can fill specific roles within a project or organisation. This provides excellent opportunity for contractors to seek higher rates. However, there are proper [...]Read more

How to Write a Great Tech Résumé

A good resume is important You may have excellent technical skills, but unless you’re armed with a well-crafted résumé you’re unlikely to get your foot through the door. Your résumé is your first impression and we would like to share the following tips to create an amazing tech [...]Read more
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Constructive and candid feedback

Why is feedback important? The IT industry is extremely competitive, and it can be a difficult environment for both candidates and hiring managers. Hiring managers have to work hard to sort through large client pools for specific skillsets, and applicants are forced to [...]Read more
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How ‘human’ is your recruitment process?

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the most important part of a strong recruitment strategy and process is forming human connections with candidates, and determining how well they will integrate into a work or project environment. With the wide availability of recruitment [...]Read more
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Finding the impossible: how to source difficult IT skills

In our last blog post, we talked about five rare IT skills – roles that can be difficult to source for hiring managers. Some of these skills are vital to success when working in certain fields and they can provide a major headache when trying to keep projects on time and under [...]Read more
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5 Hard To Source IT Skills

Every IT hiring manager will agree: some jobs and roles are much more difficult to fill than others. They might require complex skillsets or qualifications, or they just might be in short supply in local job markets – whatever the reason, they can be a major headache when trying [...]Read more
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IT contract hire: overseas or local?

An important question for hiring managers Today’s labour market offers a wide opportunity for IT firms to furnish their projects with skilled, flexible contract labour. The question facing many hiring managers is a complex one: is it more economical to hire locally, or to pursue [...]Read more

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