What’s Hot in 2017? Predicted Tech Booms


Tech is one industry that never remains stagnant. What was new, exciting, and on the bleeding edge of technology can become the new standard in five years, or can easily fall by the wayside. As technology marches on and AI becomes more intelligent it will be interesting to see which technologies stick and which technologies become obsolete due to consumer disinterest.

Our predictions for 2017? Have a browse below and see what you think.

More and more VR

Those that have had a try of the latest slew of VR offerings are convinced that it is the way forward – not only for gaming, but for a wealth of other applications, too. As VR headsets decline in cost they will become more and more affordable to the average consumer. Applications such as home inspections, and virtual city tours will become more commonplace, as we seek to gain information as well as entertain ourselves all without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Expect to see an uptick in the number of companies developing for VR applications.

Smart home devices in every home, with convergence

While people are adding smart home products to their homes, being able to manage these products from the one hub still remains largely elusive. In 2017, we are looking towards solutions that help to make the management of smart home devices much more efficient. What this means is that services like Amazon Echo will start to rise in an effort to make our lives less complicated.

Similar to how we expect to be able to do pretty much anything online from our smartphones, we now want to manage all our smart home products from the one jump off point, hence why this is a growing field.

Mobile shopping continues to gain traction

Online shopping has been changing for a few years now. And as more and more people are living their lives with only a smartphone, and perhaps a tablet, but no desktop or laptop, this means that mobile shopping is becoming bigger and bigger business. No longer is it just acceptable to have a website that contains a mobile optimised view, it is now more important to have a site that has been designed specifically for mobile, with computer based viewing a second thought.

Mobile shopping websites will become smarter and more intuitive as a response to this trend.

Customer service via social

Landlines, mobile numbers, and website contact forms? That’s not how people communicate these days. As many of us now consider social channels as our primary means of communication between family and friends, we also expect businesses to operate in the same manner. What this means for companies is that they not only need to have a social presence, but for these social channels to be monitored for incoming inquiries. While this might seem like an added inconvenience, it really is almost like removing one channel for another.

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