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Why SAP?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years or so, you’ll be well aware that growth within the Australian IT market has increased to levels not seen since 2007. The market is buoyant and companies everywhere are looking to acquire IT Talent to gain market share, comply with regulation or transform their business.

For SAP contractors this is being reflected as the landscape is more vibrant than ever before. Genesis’ SAP Practice Manager, Costa Argirellis, says that he has observed a steady increase in the number of traditional opportunities within SAP whilst opportunities in the cloud space on SAP’s new S/4HANA platform have skyrocketed.

“The overall demand for SAP within the Australian market is increasing but it’s important to realise the nature of the demand is changing as well. The shift from technical to functional and from ECC6.0 to S/4HANA is more evident today than ever before. We have no reason to believe that demand for good SAP consultants in the Australian market will decline any time soon.” he explains.

On top of job security, Costa notes that SAP professionals generally take home more than their IT industry counterparts. We’ve also heard that working with SAP implementations is a very satisfying experience. “SAP consultants don’t just earn more, they learn more as well,” says Costa.


How to start your career in SAP

If you are keen to begin a career in SAP our advice is to look for a role in a big IT consultancy. This will give you good exposure to different SAP products and you’ll be able to work on different SAP modules.

Costa notes that the first few years of working in a consultancy will be hard work, but is emphatic when he says that it will pay off in the long run. “It’s all part of a process that will equip you with the skills you need to be employable down the track,” he adds.


Keeping up with the tech

Like any field of IT, keeping up to date with the latest technology can mean the difference between looking for jobs and having jobs look for you. “The IT industry goes through changes much faster than other industries and as a result consistently staying ahead of the curve in the SAP market is of the utmost importance,” explains SAP Candidate Manager, Robert Liu.

So what’s the best way to stay up to date? At Genesis we recommend two strategies; re-certification and exposure.

“The former involves taking part in SAP training courses whilst the latter involves taking up work that allows you to learn how to work with new SAP technology on the job,” says Robert.


The future of SAP

So if you’re just starting your career in SAP, what might you be doing five years from now? Costa says that there are a few areas of interest for SAP at the moment including artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

“Right now, one of the most exciting products they are developing is SAP Leonardo which focuses on using machine learning to help users build custom business applications. SAP recently announced a partnership with Apple at their annual SAP Sapphire Conference stating the two multinational companies will work together on developing SAP Leonardo as a product.” he adds.

Costa also notes that for the foreseeable future, SAP will be working on moving a lot of their current on-premise products to the cloud platform S/4HANA. “We have good reason to believe S/4HANA will remain SAP’s newest platform offering until at least 2025,” he says.


Jobs in demand

The focus on S/4HANA has created what Robert describes as a “snowball effect.”

“The supply of S/4HANA consultants within the market has been increasingly steadily for the past 4 years whilst the demand has increased exponentially in the last 2 years and as a result of this there exists a current skill shortage,” he explains.

With this in mind, we suggest that SAP consultants get certified in the S/4HANA space.

“Demand for SAP Products is on the rise,” he adds. “And with S/4HANA, the sky seems to be the limit – literally.”


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Robert Liu


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