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Here are the seven things we would like you to remember about Genesis

We have been in the IT Recruitment business since 2001. We must be doing something right.

We have specialised teams: Digital Delivery, ERP, Infrastructure and Cloud. These are our main areas of expertise, although we enjoy understanding other markets.

When we say we are result-driven and highly motivated, we merely want to say we are hardworking individuals who will give their best no matter what. We know commitment pays back.

If we describe ourselves as tech geeks, it’s because we have been in IT recruitment long enough to witness how technology changes lives, breaks the rules and builds the future. Not just having the latest iPhone with some cool apps installed (although we love that too!).

Our “team synergy” can be described as we work well together, and we care about each other. We often see ourselves as a big family, and like all families we work through our issues by using our core values. We are Valued, Trusted Respected.

When we say, we are valued, trusted and respected, it is because we always hear that from clients and candidates, and are still ready to demonstrate it through our actions.

Genesis is a team of real people who are passionate about IT Recruitment and can do extraordinary things.



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