The Most Sought-After Software Development Skills in Australia Right Now!

With so many digital transformations underway across Australia, we are seeing more and more demand for software development skills.  

What are the Top 3 Software Development skills employers are looking for in Australia right now?   

We asked Alana Hallett, Manager of our GWS Office:  

1. The demand for Full Stack Developers with the ability to work on both the front-end (user interface) and back-end (server-side logic and databases) remains high.   
2.  Skills related to cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are increasingly important as businesses move their applications and services to the cloud.   
3. There is an increasing demand for Machine Learning and AI resources presenting the emergence of roles such as AI Manager and Machine Learning Engineer.   

Communicating with the technical team

What soft skills are employers looking for in SD candidates?  

Strong communication skills

Particularly with senior developers, managers are seeking strong communicators who can liaise and engage with the broader business. Project work is complex, and things do not always run to deadline. Being able to engage with the broader teams and provide them with highlights and realistic deadlines is imperative to the success of the project.  

A problem-solving mindset

Technology is powerful and robust solutions are always attractive. The reality however is that many businesses are restricted by budget as to what they can implement and how sophisticated the solution can be. A great developer identifies best fit solutions that address the technical issues within the organisational constraints.  

Natural curiosity

Technology is always advancing. If you keep yourself updated with the latest developments and certifications, you are continually adding value – both to your personal profile and your happy employer.  

Any other tips for Candidates?  

Yes, whilst software development can be performed autonomously, we find the best developers collaborate. Immerse yourself in the rich network of groups, meet-ups and online events that are assessable.

Showcase your work – your future employer is looking!

If you would like to chat to Alana Hallett, feel free to contact her on or 0423 247 706.