Australia’s colossal jobs boom!

The tech industry continues to grow in Australia, and we have seen no sign of a slowdown with any of our local or global clients as we head into the new financial year.

With companies putting technology infrastructure and development at the forefront of their business expansions, team growth and billions of dollars in investment we are excited to see where the next 6 months will take the industry.

Australia is in the middle of a colossal jobs boom, this blog shares some strategies that businesses should explore to recruit in today’s highly competitive market.

And why the battle to secure talent poses a real threat for businesses, regardless of their size or sector.

The Australian job market has confidently emerged out of two years of pandemic lockdowns with many employees enthusiastically returning to their workplaces – (including in remote and hybrid working arrangements) – in what some commentators have called “the great jobs boom”.

Recent data by SEEK* and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms that Australia is in the middle of a colossal jobs boom which is great news for jobseekers but continues to prove challenging to HR teams struggling to fill desperately needed positions.

SEEK’s latest jobs data insights shows that there are now more advertised jobs across a range of industries – than at any other time over the past 25 years in Australia. Australia’s tight job market has created a highly competitive marketplace for employers trying to attract the best people into their companies. Industries with skills and staffing shortages are those most likely to be seeing salaries jump as employers scramble to fill positions by offering bigger salary packages to smaller pools of candidates.

SEEK also provided some timely hiring advice for business recruiting.

They have suggested five ways that HR departments could craft their job ads so as to stand out from their competitors in attracting the best candidates:

  1. Write job ads which address your jobseekers’ top three priorities – showcase your company’s employment benefits/perks.
  2. Explain to candidates how you can deliver what you promise – if you promise flexible working arrangements – demonstrate how this is achieved in your company.
  3. Write job ads which are targeted and specific – show data supporting that your organisation will promote diversity and inclusion (if that’s a featured driver for your targeted demographic jobseeker).
  4. Emphasise your employee value proposition (EVP) in the “About us” section of your job ad.
  5. Be transparent about salary – which is a key driver for at least 75% of your candidates.

These five strategies are a solid start for businesses trying to recruit in today’s highly competitive market where there are noticeable skills shortages, which are showing no sign of abating, any time soon.

Employers keen to attract new staff should also be mindful of reputational risk and the importance of their company’s employee reviews on sites such as SEEK and Glassdoor.

Skilled talent management by HR means making sure that your existing staff are well-looked after (and suitably rewarded) during their time with the company. This means that when a person decides to resign, they are more likely to be leaving positive employee reviews which will, in turn, help to attract new starters.

If you need more advice or support with securing new team members, get in touch with us. We were established in April 2001, and leading the way ever since in permanent, fixed-term, and contract recruitment business in the IT industry. We are an Australian business with offices throughout Australia delivering services to some of the world’s largest companies. We have exclusive partnerships with private and government organisations across all areas of IT.


*Source: HRD