At Genesis we’ve heard lots of stories about people who’ve stayed way too long in the same role. Sure, routine can be comfortable, you like your commute and you have a desk near a window – but staying put when you’re ready for a new challenge can have a negative effect on your self esteem as well as your résumé.

Of course, there are lots of legitimate reasons for staying in the same job long term. In fact, if you enjoy your job, feel motivated and valued then there’s no pressing reason to move on.

On the flipside though, there are a lot of people stagnating in jobs that they’ve outgrown. Here are five things to consider.


1. You dread going to work

It’s normal to get a bit of the Sunday night blues or a touch of Monday-morning-itis every now and then, especially if you’ve had a fantastic weekend. But if you are experiencing a regular sense of dread as you make you’re way into work there is definitely something wrong.

Take a step back on your morning commute and really think about how you feel about another day in your current role. If you’re cringing then it’s probably time to move on.


2. You’re bored and unmotivated

A sure sign that it’s time to move on is a constant feeling of boredom. If you’re watching the clock, longing for home time or generally feeling completely unmotivated then it’s time to brush off your CV.

Boredom is tiring to experience, but it could actually be making you bad at your job too. Experts say that when we’re bored we’re not concentrating and are more likely to make mistakes. Not a good look in the workplace.


3. You’re ready for a step up

If you’re doing tasks that are well above your pay grade or outside the scope of your job description then it’s likely you’re ready for a step up the career ladder.

But if you’re working in a small organisation there might not be an obvious position to move into. After discussing opportunities with your manager you might need to consider moving to a new organisation. Sometimes it’s just not possible to progress without moving to a brand new company.


4. You’ve been daydreaming about a new job

Are you wistfully imagining yourself in another place? If you’re imagining a beach, then maybe you need a holiday. But if you’re dreaming of a different office, with a shiny new job description then your brain is definitely trying to tell you something.


5. Your colleagues have been getting on your nerves

Look, you’re not going to get on with every single person in your workplace. But if you start to notice that there are more people getting on your nerves than not, it might be worth thinking about whether it’s actually the job, and not the people, that is wearing you down.


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