Why Women in Tech Matters

Why Women in Tech Matters

This week we re-look at the underrepresentation of women in tech and how you can support them and why it matters!

Why tech and why now? Only 28% of the Australian IT workforce is female, only 1 in 4 IT graduates are female and there’s a persistent gender pay gap of 19% in the Information Media and Telecommunications industry*.

Why does this matter? Because diversity is the key to better results. Having men and women, and people from different backgrounds and cultures working in tech and around innovation is essential to building the best product and growing a company.

Women will give you a wider talent pool, different perspectives and approaches that come from different life experiences and women support an enhanced collaboration with their communication style and their natural adaptability.

It is also widely stated that women in the workplace has an improved staff retention, as an inclusive culture in your workplace boosts morale and opportunity.

So what can you do to address the gender imbalance in IT and help attract female talent to your organisation today?

Consider introducing ‘returnships’

A returnship is an internship for adults who have been away from the traditional workforce for a while. It’s essentially a back-to-work program where people can return to their careers without having to start from the bottom of the career ladder. Ideal for women who have had a long career break to focus on raising a family.

Take the lead on flexible and remote working

If you haven’t already implemented a flexible working option, there is no time like the present. Think of flexible working as a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, not your own. For example having flexible start and finish times, or working from home as an option gives your team different opportunities. It is also a great way to attract new talent. Get involved in this industry-led initiative.

Inspire the women in your office with women lead events

Our top recommendations are:

Women in Technology

A not-for-profit organisation, who exists to empower women from all branches of science and technology to achieve their dreams. They celebrate the enormous contribution women make to the economy and society and work hard to ensure women receive the opportunity and recognition they deserve. They hold many events online and in person throughout the year.


WITS Virtual Summit

The WITS Virtual Summit is a virtual version of the Women in Tech Summit series. WITS, the only technical conference with all women speakers, connects, educates, and inspires women working in and with technology.


Women in Tech Global Conference 2022

The Largest Conference for Women in Tech. The virtual conference will bring women in tech, minorities and allies from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, country & chapter leader sessions, technical workshops, and networking with face-to-face sessions.