Is Change Management your route into the IT sector?

You may not know it, but a career in IT could be beckoning…

We’ve recently spoken to a number of candidates who are not currently working in the IT sector but would like to make the transition.  Attractive remuneration, industry growth and job security are amongst the reasons people cite. 

But how hard is it to get into IT via non-traditional pathways and are skills transferable?     

Whilst there are only a handful of roles which easily lend themselves to transitioning into IT, Change Management is indeed one of them and the demand is significant.

Change Management is a structured approach to managing changes made to an organization’s strategy, goals, processes or technologies.   

Changes in the IT market are cultivating an increase in the demand for Change Managers, a trend which looks set to increase in line with organizational change and transformation projects.  Comparatively the pool of Change Managers is relatively small compared to demand, an attractive proposition if you’re looking to apply your skills to another industry!    

Non Traditional Pathways into Change Management

The interesting point here is that Change Management is a vertical which lends itself to career changers; in fact a large number of Change Managers did not follow this trajectory in their earlier careers. Non-traditional pathways into Change Management are commonplace, some of the best Change Management Teams are filled with individuals from a plethora of different backgrounds. 

Which soft skills are required in Change Management?  

So, your profession is aligned, but do you have the soft skills required to succeed as a Change Manager?    

You’ll need to possess excellent written and communication skills to effectively communicate Change and embed support from wider teams.  Essentially, you’ll be tasked with marketing change to the internal team.  

Strong Project Management skills are also imperative, a track record of managing projects with strong attention to detail is paramount.  

Other skills that lend themselves to succeeding as a Change Manager include leadership skills, problem-solving and influencing abilities, and an analytical mindset 


Backed by Research  

Project Management Change Management is not alone. There is a growing trend towards transferring skills into new industries with a recent WorkPro survey showing that 60.4% of respondents have been offered positions in industries beyond their prior experience, solely on the merit of their transferable skills.   

This transition marks a departure from traditional recruitment norms, redrawing previously rigid boundaries that relied on past experience alone.     

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