The Burning Question Candidates Forget To Ask

Greg Powell, National Sales Manager has interviewed over 1000 candidates in a career spanning 25 years. He has a little secret to share….

Having spent the majority of my working life in Recruitment, one thing that has become abundantly clear is that candidates who interview well have a better chance of securing the role than those who don’t.  

What you may not know is that interviewing well has little to do with experience or technical expertise and everything to do with listening actively, answering questions effectively and asking insightful questions. 

In my experience, the area where candidates are most likely to let themselves down is by failing to ask insightful questions.  

An interview should be treated as a two-way process 

Yes, the candidate must demonstrate their capability/suitability for the job in question but without asking the right questions how can they determine if the role & company is right for them? 

Pretty much every interview I have conducted finishes with me offering the candidate the opportunity to ask questions before the meeting is wrapped up.  

Questions are often asked about the next stage in the process, who’s involved, timelines etc. 

However, one question above all others is neglected.  

The Burning Question 

I’m very rarely asked for my opinion on how the interview has gone. Or in the words of my first boss in Recruitment Jon Servers “Do you have any concerns or reservations about putting me forward to the next stage of the process?”  

When framed and delivered in the right way, it’s a good call to express your keen interest in the role and ask the interviewer about any concerns they may have, so you can address them there and then.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter or interviewer this question”

Sometimes minor issues can be the catalyst for the process to end….potentially unnecessarily. Asking for direct feedback around any potential reservations creates an opportunity to address concerns or misunderstandings that could otherwise derail the process.  

As a trusted advisor you should be able to talk openly with your recruiter gaining valuable feedback that will help you grow. 

Rest assured; interviewing is a skill that anybody can get better at. You just need to ask. 

If you would like to reach out to Greg, feel free to contact him via LinkedIn.