How is AI Affecting the IT Job Market?

How AI will impact the job market

We’re in the midst of an AI Revolution

The advancement of technology is inevitable across all industries, so it comes with no surprise that AI skills are fast becoming an asset when applying for a position in the IT industry. 

The information technology industry has always been a catalyst for rapid change, stimulating a requirement for an evolving job market and an ever-growing list of desired qualifications.  

AI and the IT job market 

According to a recent BBC tech article, AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million jobs globally!

At its conception, many people believed the integration of AI would result in job losses in the IT industry, however, it’s becoming apparent that although the principal functions of some positions will change, opportunities within this industry will always be available.  

Developing an AI skillset 

The rapid changes involving the evolution of artificial intelligence require applicants applying for positions in the IT industry to upskill and grow to meet the expanding job criteria. 

 It makes sense, because if we consider the growth in IT in the last couple of decades, it is understandable that the equivalent parallel of growth is expected in prospective IT job applicants. 

With the incorporation of AI across world industries rapidly increasing, many organisations are expecting IT professionals to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest AI trends and developments within the industry.  

If IT applicants can grow their skillset to adapt to these increasing demands, they will not only increase their chance of employment, but they will also move more swiftly up the corporate ladder to realise career goals.   

The Land of Opportunity 

Applicants should always look at the growth of automation as an opportunity rather than a threat. By aligning their competencies to the innovations happening across the industry, IT professionals can ensure longevity in the industry as technology moves into the future. Investment in technology in Australia is looking more positive than ever in Australia, bolstered by the announcement of the $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) in March which is expected to provide loans, equity agreements, and other forms of finance to companies advancing Australia’s high-tech, high-growth capabilities.  

What are the Growth Areas?

AI related jobs are on the rise, not only as a developer, but also maintaining these multifaceted systems. Machine learning, business intelligence, robotics and data science are all growth areas for AI professionals.  

Instead of sourcing talent offshore where AI job applicants are plentiful, it is far more logical to train our own IT professionals to evolve with the technology that is rapidly advancing around them.  

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