Which IT roles offer WFH, Hybrid or Onsite?

Are you die-hard WFH, a hybrid fan or happy to work onsite?

As the Great ‘Return to Office’ drive gathers momentum, employer demands around how much time needs to be spent in the office are a huge factor for IT candidates. 

Here we’ve provided you with a snapshot of which jobs are most likely to allow WFH, hybrid, or onsite work in the current IT market

WFH/Full Remote:

  • Software Developers/Programmers: Many programming tasks can be done remotely with easy access to necessary development tools and collaboration platforms.
  • Data Analysts: Data analysis often involves working with large datasets and performing statistical analysis, which can be done remotely with the right tools.
  • Technical Writers: Creating documentation and writing technical content can be efficiently and effectively done from a remote location.
  • IT Support (Remote): Providing technical support to users and resolving software or hardware issues can be done remotely via phone, chat, or remote desktop tools.


Hybrid (Combination of Remote and Onsite):

  • Project Managers: Project planning, coordination, and team meetings are generally done in the office, whereas individual work and follow-ups can be performed remotely.
  • Business Analysts: Requirement gathering, stakeholder meetings, and workshops may benefit from onsite interactions, while analysis and documentation tasks can be performed remotely.
  • IT Consultants: Often based remotely with onsite client meetings.



  • Data Centre Engineers: Typically require a physical presence in the data centre, as work is primarily conducted on-site.
  • Infrastructure Systems Engineer: This type of role looks after new servers, networking gear and storage systems which need to be installed or upgraded. Data Centre Engineers handle the physical installation and configuration processes.
  • Desktop Support Engineer – supporting end users.  Certain functions can be done remotely, but when it comes to implementing or physically reconfiguring systems, this work needs to be done onsite.

This information was brought to you by our Infrastructure Practice Manager, Sujento Tjeong. If you would like to chat with Sujento or one of our friendly team about your career goals, contact us on 02 9236 4500