How do you know you can trust a recruitment consultant?

It pains us to admit this, but as a profession, a recruitment consultant doesn’t always have the best reputation. We get it – there are some unscrupulous operators out there and you may have been burned. At Genesis we like to think we’re different – and we want our clients and candidates to trust us.

It’s all very well saying that though, right? But how can you tell your recruitment consultant really is trustworthy?  We’ve put together a list of things to look out for.


  1. They’ll keep you updated even when there’s nothing in it for them

We’ve heard about all the times a recruiter called you about a job and then never called you back. It happens when recruiters get busy, they might make fifty calls to find the right people to pass on to the hiring manager – do they have time to call back the 45 people that weren’t quite right? Probably not…

But, when you tell a candidate (or a hiring manager) that you’re going to call them back – you need to call them back. When you don’t follow through on the things you’ve promised you break trust.


  1. They are honest with you

 We’re told that recruiters can sometimes bullsh*t their way into your career. Whether you are a candidate looking for a new opportunity or a hiring manager looking to build your team the last thing you need is dishonesty.

The thing is, recruitment is a lot like sales – so telling people things they want to hear is an easy way to build relationships. But, if you are looking for a recruitment consultant you can really trust you need to look for the person who is honest with you – even when they’ve got to tell you something you don’t want to hear.


  1. They make an effort to really understand you

 A common frustration among hiring managers is that recruitment consultants offer ‘one size fits all’ solutions to their needs. A trustworthy recruitment consultant is one who will spend the time getting to know a hiring manager and their team.

When a recruitment consultant takes the time to really get to know a manager and what they’re looking for they are much more likely to put the right candidate in front of them.  Proving that you understand (and care about) their needs also builds crucial trust.

  1. They can answer your questions

 The biggest sign that you are being lied to is when a recruitment consultant can’t answer your questions clearly. This is a common gripe among candidates and hiring managers.

Being able to answer questions about the role (especially when it comes to understanding specific technologies) is a key way that recruitment consultants can prove they can be trusted.

Of course, recruitment consultants might not always have the answer – but if they care about you they will do their best to find out.


At Genesis we think we tick all these boxes. We aren’t perfect (who is!) but if you’ve worked with us you’ll understand how trustworthy we are and if you haven’t worked with us yet then please do get in touch and find out for yourself!