The Current Market

Let’s be honest, it feels like Groundhog Day.

The past eighteen months has been full of uncertainty, in which we saw the global coronavirus pandemic cause unprecedented change across the world, affecting people’s careers, office dynamics and international collaboration. One year on and, once again, we see lockdown in some of Australia’s major cities.

However, one overarching trend that seems to have stuck, is that there is much less demand for people to be in the office. Not surprisingly the last year has spurred a shift to remote work, a positive, in that it has made opportunities more accessible than ever before. As a result, workers who are equipped with digital skills may have an edge in finding employment opportunities.

Are you one of these remote workers, but are finding it ineffective after nearly 18 months? If yes, be sure to check out our previous blog on how to work from home effectively. We cover the seven essentials for the perfect home office environment including our number one tip – create a work life balance. To stop this from happening, set yourself some clear boundaries, don’t respond to work emails outside of the core hours you’ve set, and don’t work on the weekend (unless that’s part of your job). If possible, close the door on your workspace when you’ve finished for the day, and if you don’t have a door that you can close, close your laptop and tidy your work things away.

Though the last year has been a roller coaster for most industries, for those of us in the IT industry there have been benefits. Due to the changed work landscape, there are now 1.1 million independent contractors in Australia playing a central role in how we support our clients. Life as a contractor can be very rewarding. Along with potentially higher earnings, you can also experience a wider variety of jobs, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. It’s not for everyone, but for those who move away from permanent work, many never look back.

Australia is currently facing a massive talent gap in the IT sector despite job board applications falling. Seek saw a 29% decrease in job applications this year, despite a 264% increase in the number of job ads. For our clients, there are two clear messages here; it has never been more important to partner with an organisation that has an extensive reach into IT talent communities, one that does not rely on job board advertising. It is crucial that our clients ensure the efficiency of their own hiring processes. We are seeing clients miss out on great candidates because their processes are too slow.

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